Since 2000, Espresso Macchina has existed to bring the best in service and the best in espresso equipment to Saskatchewan. Five years later, that mission has not changed, but Saskatoon (and Saskatchewan) sure has. When there once was only a handful, there are several new independent coffeeshops throughout Saskatoon, using machinery bought from and serviced by Espresso Macchina.

And there is room for more. Saskatoon should expect more growth in residential cafes. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of ways shops can distinguish themselves in the city from the style of the bar, to the style of espresso served. While Saskatoon is dominated by one local company serving coffee in the extreme-dark range (Spanish/Southern Italian), the market for sweeter, Northern Italian style espresso has been untouched.

The espresso/cafe sector in Saskatoon has seen growth for the past 4 years, and Espresso Macchina has been there every step of the way.