Single Origin, Medium Roast:
Guatemalan San Marcos: Spicy and smoky with fruity overtones and a clean body.
Mexican Chiapas Mut Vitz: Light and fragrant with sweet nuances of chocolate.
Ethipia Sidamo-Oromia: Fruity, floral, and aromatic with a full body and a long mellow finish.

Single Origin, Full-City Roast:
El Salvador San Mauricio Pipil Torogoz: Clean, sweet and fragrant, with a soft, bright edge and clean body. Excellent as espresso.
East Timor Maubisse: Exotic spicy sweet with a smooth delicate body and soft acidity.

Single Origin, Dark Roast:
Columbian Excelso Fondo Paez: Berry and wine notes with a rich creamy body and sweet acidity.
Mexican Chiapas Mut Vitz: Strong chocolate overtones with a hint of vanilla, well balanced and round bodied.
Bolivian Colonial Caranavi: Heavy bodied and slightly spicy, strong and smooth with gentle acidity.
Sumatran Gayo Forestrade: Exotic, earthy and strong bodied with a sweet finish.
Ethipian Yirgacheffe Oromia: Elegant and flowery with a delicate lemon and perfumed aroma.
Peruvian Pangoa: Down to earth, full bodied with fruity highlights, good acidity and a sweet finish.
Guatemalan San Marcos Apecaform: Spicy and smokey witha fruity overtone and clean body.

Decaf Single-origins:
Peruvian: Full Peruvian flavour with bright and tangy notes (medium roast, C02 process).
Peruvian: Full Peruvian flavour, smooth bodied with sweet fruitiness (dark roast, C02 process).
Mexican Mut Vitz: Full Mexican flavour with strong chocolate and spice overtones (dark roast, Swiss-Water process).