Bean North is the official coffee of Espresso Macchina. There are reasons why:

1. Quality.

There exists a huge gap in the quality of coffee within Saskatoon, from large chains to local roaster-cafes. Bean North imports the some of the best in green coffee and is suitable for all brewing styles, including drip, French press, vacuum pot and espresso.

2. Freshness.

Bean North coffee is bagged immediately after roasting and shipped immediately. Our stocks sell out weekly. This means the coffee you get is usually 2-3 days old by the time you get it. Freshness, as master baristi know, is absolutely critical for espresso, which the brewing process emulsifies oils into crema. No freshness means no crema.

3. The farmer gets a better deal.

Saskatchewan should appreciate this one: certified fair-trade coffee helps ensure coffee farmers get a specified portion of the coffee price. In the mainstream system, the coffee farmer was at mercy of the brokers or processors he or she sold it to. When prices drop, the person who feels the brunt is often the farmer. This system helps reduce problems such as starvation in coffee growing communities.

4. Organic.

Organic does not only mean no harmful pesticides are used, but also ensures a different style of agriculture which ensures the long-term health of sensitive ecosystems producing the coffee.

5. Canadian.

Big-time quality from a little guy in Canada. 'Nuff said.

6. Better sales.

Don't ask us, ask any of the cafes using Bean North in Saskatoon.

7. Quality.

Did we mention this one? Freshness, quality green coffee and small-batch roasting mean you get a significantly more flavourful espresso, latte or cup of brewed coffee. Period.