Traditional espresso vs. the superautomatics

Time and time again, customers often report, the part they enjoy about espresso, other than the espresso itself, is the morning ritual of making espresso: the smell of freshly ground coffee, the the feel of the tamper in your hand, the sounds of the grinder, the "ch-ch-ch!" of frothing the milk, to the sensory aspect of operating the various levers, knobs and buttons of the espresso machine itself.

One of the reasons you won't find super-automatics at espresso macchina is because of reliability and quality issues. The lifespan of most superautomatics is very short and there are problems inherent in their design. The path from the grinder to the basket often has room for 1-3 shots of espresso, allowing grinds to stale between shots. Overall, the extra time you actually end up using a traditioal setup may end up being a minute more: essentially, grinding into the portafilter and locking it into place! The last reason is related to the above: one of the most enjoyable parts of espresso is making it. It's something Espresso Macchina stands for.